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We have heard that fashion is about style not comfort, you can’t get both! I was watching the news when I heard are skinny jeans a health risk?

My jewel dropped open, I couldn’t believe it. Apparently a medical study shows that skinny jeans cause “Tingling thigh syndrome.”

When a person wears too-tight jeans it compress a nerve that cuts off sensation to the thigh. Skinny jeans are culprit and add a pair of stilettos heels that pushes the pelvis forward, you are causing even more pressure on the nerve. Style tip: wear your skinny jeans with flats!

But how can you keep the style-without the health risk? As your fashion consultant, I think there is no way around it, yes you can stop wearing skinny jeans and switch to leggings but is not the same. That like asking paper or plastic?

My fashion advice is that if you wear them and don’t really flatter you switch to a different style jean. But if you rock your skinny jeans, maybe don’t wear them daily or wear them for a couple of hours during the day. What you gals think?

If you ever notice tingling in your thigh, then I recommend you change your wardrobe and I can help you with that and keep your style!

About the author: Voice of Fashion is the creation of Miguel G. Who is a renowned fashion expert from the San Francisco Bay Area with over eight years of international design and fashion experience, who’s mission is to teach people how look and feel their best!

Top 5 shopping tips to find chic clothing, fashion wear, and style tips without costing a fortune. You deserve to look good regardless of your finances and fashion wear is an essential!

Maximize your dollar by shopping the outlet stores, and you don’t have to travel far to get to them, there are some right here in the Bay Area.

They are a great place to find both quality and style at a lower price. You will find you can spend less and get greater value without having to sacrifice style, with discounts of 30-70%.

Actually, outlet stores is where you can find significant savings by shopping at high-end stores like Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, BCBG and others.

To maximize your savings at outlets I recommends these 5 shopping tips.

1. Stop at the customer service desk to pick up a Preferred Customer Card for additional discounts and offers. Check the outlet center’s web site for weekly and monthly specials.

2. The best sale and bargain items will be featured prominently up front or in the back of the store, so think front N back!

3. Avoid crowds and the heat by arriving early or late in the day. Consider shopping midweek when there are fewer customers, and at the first week of the month. New merchandise is put out and you are in for the best selection and extra savings!

4. Don’t be intimidated by high-end stores it doesn’t mean you won’t find a significant discounts in the outlets.

5. Take advantage of as many stores as possible so plan to be there all day. You’ll also want to locate the food pavilion so you can schedule your food stops throughout the day.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every mintue of it! For fashion advice, answers questions on colors, trends and hot looks please email me or leave a comment!

Hitting the mark on your daughter’s wedding day can be difficult, and sometimes stressful. Follow my fashion advice/style tips and you are set for a fabulous wedding!

Most MOB dress too dowdy and cling to all of the old rules and younger MOB dress too sexy and try to compete with their daughters.

I think you should always look age-appropriate yet modern and chic!

I recommend avoiding the suit, mother of the bride lady suits are out! Even if it is made of diamonds or rhinestones. Instead, wear a dress that allows you to shine and complete your daughter! However, do not wear mid-calf dresses they draw too much attention to your calves with is the thickest part of a woman’s leg!

Don’t wear the same color, style, fabric or dress that the bridesmaids are wearing! You are the mother of the bride and you must stand alone to complete the wedding party!

It is okay to wear a short mother of the bride dresses, just keep it tasteful!

Ever wonder why some women regardless of body-type always look so “put-together”? It’s often subtle, but the right lingerie can make a BIG difference.

If you’ve stayed away from knit dress because of their form-fitting lines-fear not. Want to look flawless and chic in your knit dress? Follow this fashion advice/style tips!

HerRoom-Bras,Shapewear for Holiday Dressing 200x200

The perfect solution is the Body Wrap bodysuit! It provides seamless all-over control and smoothing, eliminating bumps and jiggles. Firm tummy control slenderizes the midriff bulge while the long length smooths out everything from bust to thighs.

See the difference? Now you can relax and wear those knit dresses with confidence and appeal!


About the author: Miguel G. Who is a renowned fashion expert from the San Francisco Bay Area with over eight years of international design and fashion experience, who’s mission is to teach people how look and feel their best!

Spring is just around the corner time to find the sunglasses that best fit you! The #1 rule for finding the sunglasses that flatter you is….. You should wear the sunglasses-they should not wear you! A woman in sunglasses is always alluring! Oversized sunglasses are sexy and mysterious!

Size: choose a frame that’s the right scale for your build. To ensure against too big, the bottom of the lenses shouldn’t extend below the flare of your nostrils.

  1. A 5-foot tall lady shouldn’t buy the same oversize sunglasses as a 6-foot tall lady.


Style Tips: find a pair that contrasts with your face shape.

  1. The oval frames work best on gals with strong jaw or a square face. The curves soften angular attributes.
  2. To break the length of an oval face wear wraps and shields.
  3. Aviator are a universal style and work with all face shapes, especially on gals with high cheek bones, as the curves at the base of the frames enhances sculpted features.
  4. Rectangular styles help sculpt the round face as the horizontal lines have a slimming effect.


Color: the #1 rule in finding your frame color it shouldn’t contrast with your skin and hair.

  1. For cool skin complexions with an undertone of blue, consider deeper hues like burgundy, brown, or purple that lean towards blue or gray.
  2. For warm  skin complexions, nothing complements peach or gold undertones like gold, pink and tortoise hues.
  3. Translucent frames are always safe for all skin tones.


  1. Light hues disguise a large forehead and dark hues slim a full face.
  2. Consider 100% UVA & UBV protection to prevent damage to your eyes.
  3. Oversize frames draw attention away from a large nose.

Hello ladies! Not sure what to wear for the holidays? Here are the top 10 fashion tips for holiday dressing!

  • First and foremost, a tank dress with an A-line skirt is a universally flattering silhouette, regardless of body type. It is particularly flattering for a bustier body type, as it allows for a thicker-strap supportive bra.
  • When wearing black and white for evening, try clear jewelry. Clear stones are eternally chic; they don’t compete with the bold contrast of black and white.
  • Love that sleeveless dress, but feel self-conscious about showing your upper arms? Style tips: add wrap or a bolero but make sure it doesn’t compete with the pattern of the dress.
  • A pointy-toe shoe with a kitten heel is perfect with any hem length. Metallic shoes are a must-have in every closet for evening, but don’t be afraid to wear them during the day.
  • A beautiful color is a wonderful option for cocktail hour rather than the ubiquitous black. If you have pale skin, go with lighter colors; darker skin, go with brighter.

HerRoom - Summer Clearance Sale

  • When trying to detract from the midsection, think about wearing your hair up for the evening. Add some chandelier earrings to lengthen your neckline.
  • Chic clothing is about mixing textures for a sophisticated evening look. If you are wearing a dress with a sheen, put on a flat wrap or coat. Choose a dress with no sheen and top it with a metallic brocade coat or one with sparkly embellishment.
  • While trends come and go, black never goes out of style. You can always pair a black dress with a brilliantly colored pair of shoes or a bright color bag. But sometimes just black looks perfect.
  • Embellishment (beading, sequins, rhinestones) on clothing has been very popular the last few seasons. I feel a couple of decorated pieces for evening are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. They’re always useful for a little “bling” and quite often negate the necessity for additional jewelry.
  • Only have a few pieces you like to wear for evening. Make sure they fit as well as possible. Then change them up with fun accessories, such as shawls, wraps, vintage costume jewelry and fabulous shoes!

Ladies, don’t forget to celebrate fashion day, everyday! Fashion day is about looking and feeling your best everyday! Thanks for reading and stay tune for more style tips and fashion wear!