Beauty Secrets: Stress Free

Hey gals, here are the downside to being stress out. According to research, nearly 68% of us admit being stressed out.

When a person is under stress the skin receives less blood and oxygen, making it duller, less supple, less hydrated, and more prone to clogged pores.

Stress also triggers ideal conditions for acne breakouts, and is linked to premature skin aging.

Minimize stress by taking on the right attitudes and practicing the right behaviors:

  • Maintain healthy habits-get plenty of physical activity & sleep.
  • Plan ahead, take time to relax and don’t overload your schedule.
  • Practice moderation, whether its eating, drinking or spending money.

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Here is my beauty secrets… are you ready…………Dr. Duke recommends the following Nutrilite product to help the immune system resist the effects of stress.

  • When we experience stress, we have a greater demand for a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. If they’re not in adequate supply, our immune system won’t be able to function at maximum efficiency! Nutrilite Double X provides essential immune system support.

Stress is an enemy to the proper hydration that is essential to skin health and appearance. To minimize the visible effects and cell level damage that stress can cause. Artistry moisture plus restores that critical moisture, this vitamin-rich moisture boost re-hydrates & refreshes skin instantly while seals in moisture.

I want to hear from you gals, was this useful? Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! VOF is nothing without you!

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