Positive Body Image!

We all have our insecurities and body dilemmas, but more often than not, they’re all in our head (and we also tend to exaggerate, especially when faced with a mirror). Embracing your flaws real or imagined helps you find better things to fixate on.

Resist the urge to be mean to your self, and while you’re at it, to other people as well. While it’s tempting to launch an “I’m so fat” outburst, DON”T. Not only will you test the patience of your friends, but you’ll worsen your situation because whining won’t get you anywhere.

Instead engage in a personal development plan, change your thoughts: change your life! You live once, so live life and don’t whine!

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Maintain the exterior just like car fanatics who wax their cars to a perfect sheen and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, it pays to pay attention to good grooming. Scrub your body weekly to shed off dead skin and reveal a radiant complexion. Apply lotion to keep things soft and smooth all over. Go for monthly professional hair-removal sessions and keep your tips and toes in tiptop shape.

These little beauty treats add up and contribute to your general well-being. And before you know it, you’re well on your way to 100% body confidence!!!!!!!!

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Such a wise piece! I always love the conventional wisdom of these writings. In a society that values beauty over substance, more people need to espousing the ideas of excepting ourselves as we are, with an emphasis on health instead of merely what is socially attractive. Thank you for this!