Beauty Secret: You’re Be You Tiful!

Young women are increasingly going to unhealthy extremes to achieve an unattainable image of physical perfection. The costs include physical harm, including risks posed by smoking to maintain a low weight and risky cosmetic surgeries. The mental and emotional harm, including low self-esteem and interpersonal problems that create an unhealthy and competitive “mean girls culture.”

The obsession with idealized body image is a lifelong burden that takes a terrible toll on all young women in this country.  What’s new here is the sheer extent to which young women are now willing to go –literally causing physical harm — to be “beautiful”.

What is beautiful? Is it what we see in the fashion magazines, TV, and movies? As far as I’m concern beauty is on the eye of the beholder and there is NO ONE who is in charge to decide what is beautiful and what is not!

You are what you think you are! Don’t  let the media brain wash you with garbage,  think for yourself and don’t be a follower of the media.  Be a leader and work on building self confidence, self acceptance and embrace your natural beauty and individuality! Stop hurting your self, God doesn’t crate garbage, only Beauty! Beauty Secret is: you are Be-You-Tiful, no matter what they say! You are the only one that determine if you are beautiful, once you see your own beauty the world will too!!!

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I agree with you, many women think that in order to be beautiful they must look like the models in magazines or like Hollywood actresses. They are so busy try to fit that look that they don’t realize that you are hurting themselves to reach that unrealistic look!

WOO HOO! Go Voice of Fashion - serve it like it is and break down the numbness of the social masses!