Confident Woman!

As a bridal consultant I came to realize that many women suffer of low self esteem. And that low self esteem shows everywhere even in their fashion.

I believe that there is no ugly women, only unconfident women. The key to becoming a confident woman and feel good within your skin, I recommend the following tips.

Focus On Assets:
Coco Chanel said it best: “fashion is architecture; it’s a matter of proportions.” In other words, minimize the negative, no matter which part of your body you find objectionable, there is always a clever way to divert the eye else where.

The key is to use fashion to your advantage to give you the look you want. Remember vertical lines elongate your body, horizontals lines widen, and diagonal lines are slimming, employ them as necessary.

Get Naked:
As a bridal consultant I came across many women who were so self conscious about their bodies that they’re reluctant to be naked around their husbands. That discomfort affected how they feel when dressed too.

Before you can move as if you own the room, you must be at ease inside your own skin! Feeling comfortable with your body alone is the first step to feeling comfortable with your body around others with presence and poise!

To help you feel comfortable in your own skin I recommend: take a bath with lights on-no candles. After the bath either naked or in lingerie stand on front of the mirror and just look and appreciate your body as is! The more you do it the more at ease you feel and your self esteem goes up!

Clean out your closet:
Whether you’re holding on to clothes that are too small because you hope you’ll fit into them someday, or clothes that are too big for fear you’ll grow back into them, you’re keeping past in the present. Stop living the past, you can’t change-its gone, live the present and look into the future!

These clothes reinforce what you used to look like! Get rid of anything you have not worn in two years and replace it with something new that makes you feel and look beautiful!!!

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I can relate to that, when I my self esteem is low it show in everything I do. I love your suggestions and the way you present them. Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait for more of your advice!