Recession Proof Beauty

My dear ladies, are you looking for the best skin care tips that don’t cost you a dime? You don’t have to spend a dime to look and feel beautiful! Sometimes the best beauty secrets are not found in a jar of creme.

Here’s your recession proof beauty regimen for glowing skin!

Avoid wrinkles by flipping over! I know it’s relaxing to snooze on your tummy, but sleeping on your back gives you the best of beauty!

Also, sleep at least seven hours a night and lay off the smokey cocktails! More than one drink a day can cause increased oil production and enlarged pores. Not enough reason to quit?

Smoking depletes moisture, making skin lose its luster and look wrinkly. Making acne worse since it diminishes the delivery of oxygen to the skin and robs it of nutrients, thereby inhibiting scars from healing.

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