Sexy & Silky Feet!

Summer time means sandals time, if you don’t wear sandals because of dry itchy feet I have the solution for you! One of my clients love to wear sandals but the heat over dries her feet, so as your beauty consultant here are some skin care tips for silky feet!

  • Exfoliation is very important, therefore exfoliate your feet 3-4 times a week.
  • Apply lotion daily on clean feet, to seal in moisture put on cotton socks after applying lotion for about 10-15 minutes than remove socks and put on the sandals!
  • I recommend applying lotion on your feet in the morning and before bed time. For nicer and strong toe nails apply garlic on your nails twice a week. Garlic has so many strengthening properties and is naturally antibacterial.

She followed my beauty tips and she is a happy gal enjoying her summer! Ladies, we want to hear from you please leave your comments!

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