Earth Day Fashion

Earth Day is April 22, what will be your gift to Earth? Remember my previous post of sustainable jeans; well most people don’t understand that although organic denim eliminates the use of pesticides, it consumes much more water and land.  It can also cost as much as 50% to 100% more than traditional cotton and consumes more than 30%-50% land.

By recycling of regenerating the cotton, we limit the need to grow new cotton. We don’t have to plant or harvest raw cotton, therefore eliminating fuel for machinery, the use of pesticides and herbicides and wearing away of the land through tilling and watering the new cotton fields.

The land can then be converted to other productive uses like planting trees for oxygen or grain to feed the hungry and ultimately lessening our carbon footprint on the planet.

Denim is made of cotton, which causes great harm to our environment both in terms of water consumption and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide, more than any other single major crop.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated more than 11.8 million tons of textile waste in 2006 alone, amounting to a remarkable 10 pounds per person. In our world of overflowing landfills and global warming, recycling is more relevant than ever. Recycled jeans help offset the human effect of the disposable fashion industry, while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable Earth.

Remember, a pair of organic and non-organic jeans is equivalent to running a garden hose for 106 minutes, driving 78 miles and powering a computer for 556 hours.

Now can you see that organic denim is not so Eco-chic? As your fashion consultant, let me share with you a wonderful alternative.

Recycled, describes the material that has been separated from the waste stream, reprocessed into a new product and then brought back to the consumer as a new item.

Reuse Jeans is one of the first companies to do so; by no means are they perfect. They have experienced some issues on their quest to be green; their CEO is having trouble searching for recycled or Eco-friendly zippers and buttons.

This is an issue now, but in five years from now, it won’t be an issue at all if we all do our part. Our part is to support both recycling and recycled products. This creates a demand for more Eco-fashion goods, which decreases waste and makes a healthy Earth.

As your Eco-friendly wardrobe stylist, I have a wonderful gift for you; Reuse Jeans is offering all VOF readers an exclusive offer for Earth Day…..for a limit time, April 19-25 get 50% off everything with the promo code EARTH.

Thank you Reuse Jeans for that great offer and for leading the fashion industry the right Earth-friendly way!

I would love to hear from all of you Eco-women, please leave your comments! Happy Earth Day!

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We must use more recycled products in order for us to reduce the garbabe problem that we have.*~

i always buy recycled products to reduce the waste materials on this planet.`,`

my family always go for recycled products because you can help the environment :**