Sustainable Jeans

Many people see jeans as a wardrobe staple. As your fashion consultant, I must confess that I’m not a jean lover. Even though I’m a wardrobe stylist, I only have two pairs of jeans.

Do you know why?

In WWD was an article by Ross Tucker that shared the results on what went into making one pair of iconic Levi’s 501 style.

According to Tucker, Levi’s found that making one pair of 501’s requires almost 920 gallons of water, 400 megajoules of energy while expelling 32 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Levi’s said, “this was equivalent to running a garden hose for 106 minutes, driving 78 miles and powering a computer for 556 hours.”


That’s what it take to make a pair of jeans regardless of the name brand! Now you know!

If you want to be more Eco-chic and be part of the Eco-women movement. My fashion advice is to wear jeans that are sustainable. One of my favorite Eco-fashion jean lines is REUSE!

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