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Ladies, who do you dress for? You dress for yourself to show your self confidences, and high self esteem? Or just to be feel comfortable?

What affects the way we dress? Lots of aspects can influence our choices, our careers for example. We communicate through clothes, you can see someone across the street and form an opinion of them in less than ten seconds and you haven’t even spoken to them.

We base our opinions on what people wear and how they wear it. For example, when meeting your boyfriends parents are you dressing for yourself or for them? When going out with your girlfriends, are you dressing for them? Or, if you have a hot date you may dress a little more provocatively than usual, these aspect influence our choices.

Some of us dress for the opposite sex. Although, men don’t typically prefer high fashion trends, they like women to look simple and sexy. So why do women dress for men?

Perhaps, because they are a little insecure and seeking approval, crave attention, and want to impress?

Most women dress for other women, whether it’s for admiration or to make others envious. fashion is another way of communicating with each other. Are we actually just fishing for compliments to give us a confidence boost?

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