Beauty Advisor: Beyond Beauty!

As your beauty advisor let me share with you what helped me beat stress, four easy ways.

  • Nothing relieves stress like a good night’s sleep! Sleep experts say going to bed at the same time is good with a set rising time!
  • Can’t fall asleep and stay asleep? Roll out Valerian, a herbal sleeping pill that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep!
  • A beauty secret that goes beyond beauty is…….a healthy diet filled with whole grains, pumpkin seeds, spinach, and broccoli will help keep you balanced!
  • Also, roll out Rhodiola, it helps beat stress and give you more vitality! A herbal organic supplement can also help you relax.

Hope this helps you calm down get your beauty sleep! Did you enjoy this post? Leave us a comment, and stay tune for the best of beauty!

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A healthy diet will always be composed of high fiber frutis and veggies, low sugar, low carb and rich in protein.’”-