Fashion Tips:Eco Fashion

With clothing consumption hitting an all-time low, it was only a matter of time before the clothing swap concept really took off.

Clothing swaps satisfy ones urge for new fashions, it’s the most Eco-fashion way to freshen up your closet with a little something new.

Thousands of shoppers are going guilt-free, Eco-fashion route by meeting online and in person to exchange clothes and accessories.

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Participants can clear the unwanted clutter in their closets while saving a pretty penny by reusing someone else’s outfits.

Clothing swaps protests against textile waste, which some contend makes up 4.5% of residential waste, or 8.75 billion pounds per year. Whether sustainable, economical or ethical, the exchanges have seen a boom in interest recently.

  • was launched more than a decade ago to help fashionistas stay hip the Eco-fashion way. All unclaimed clothes are donated directly to local nonprofit shelters and charities.
  • instructs users only to pay for postage. The credit crunch has helped boost the number of swaps, doubling the site’s unique visitors to 60,000 per month.
  • Once participants add clothes to British site, they begin receiving offers to swap or purchase from other members.
  • Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, even books are up for grabs at

Have fun clothes swaping eco women, and let me know your experiance so we can feature you here in VOF to inspire others to go the Eco-fashion route of clothes swaping!

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