“Not a girl not yet a women” was a lovey song by my ex favorite pop star B Spears! But it’s not about being a woman using anti-aging skincare products, most gals under 30 freak out with “anti-aging beauty products”. They feel they are just girls and not yet a woman to be using anti-aging beauty products.

If you are under 30, keep your cool, don’t run nor be afraid to use anti-aging beauty products. Let me explain, anti-aging is nothing more than Youth Xtend! The mission, the purpose of Youth Xtend is to extend your youth, to preserve that flawless beautiful looking skin of yours for years to come. So when you are 40 you look like you were 25! Who doesn’t want that?

Prevention is easier and less expensive than Curing, which is harder and more expensive! Therefore, pro-youth skincare products are designed to prevent! Start with baby steps, add a Youth Xtend serum to your three step skincare regimen. Or add a Youth Xtend night creme to your regimen, assisting your skin to renew better and fast during sleep!

Sensational Hair

Hair is a beautiful thing, its a wonderful accessory that allows me to look and feel different everyday. Hair is versatile, I’m able to cut it, grow it, dye it, any combo of things. I very lucky because my hair grows fast, and I can go very wild with it and change it often. There was a point when I thought hair was a pain in the neck, that it was high maintains, timely, and expensive. Therefore, I always kept it short; military style! I didn’t need to do anything to it at all but wash it!

Than change came along, I discovered Satinique with its revolutionary formulas that care, treat, and style hair! It was love at first use, my hair came alive with Satinique Patented Enerjuve™ Complex! Its delicious scents intoxicated my senses, with its colorful packaging makes me feel like I’m in a luxury hair spa!

Now, people see me with a sensational hair do, style, or cut every week! I have gone wild with my hair since I unleashed its power! It’s not high maintains nor timely, and definitely not expensive to make the most use of our ultimate accessory; our hair!

We all have different hair types, and I invite you come discover your formula to restore hair to its natural healthy-looking beauty! Weather you want to transform dull, dry, unmanageable locks into shiny, silky hair that looks healthy and beautiful, protect color from fading while hydrating and repairing the cuticle, or elevate fine, limp hair with gravity-defying volume!

If you’ve noticed a little extra baggage around your midsection, it’s time to lose that gut once and for all! If you follow these weight-loss tips, you’ll be in great shape and feel a lot healthier. Warning: it took time to put on that extra flab and you’re not going to burn fat overnight! It will take some time to lose it, if you stick with these tips to lose that gut, you’ll do just that!

Ask your genes
Get the start up body key kit, for reveling secrets from your genes!

Replace a meal
Replacing a meal a day with a meal replacement shake!

Get off your butt
You need to be more active-no ifs, ands or buts. If you’re serious about losing that gut, you’ll carve out some time for physical activity. Having a desk job is no excuse for inactivity. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator, you can walk during your lunch break…there are plenty of options. Work out at least three times a week, and do a mix of weight lifting and cardio for best results.

Don’t drink you calories
Eating healthy won’t do you much good if your liquid intake consists of soft drinks and other calorie-dense beverages; they’ll cancel each other out. If you’re serious about losing weight, stick to nature’s no-calorie drink:water! If you absolutely need something to tickle your sweet tooth consider a twist tube, a XS or get a juicer to make juice minus all the processed sugars!

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It’s fall and the weather is cooling down to soon be winter therefore, nobody wants dry skin. The flakiness, itchiness and redness associated with dry skin are enough to drive anybody crazy. But all hope is not lost, here are five tips to restore your skin’s moisture and put your best face-and body forward!

Drink More Water
As we all learn in human biology, our bodies are 70% water, therefore it’s suggested we drink 10-12 glasses of water per day. Sometimes, your dry skin may be caused by a lack of hydration.

No HOT Showers
Avoid taking hot showers, as hot water can rob your skin of precious moisture and contribute to dry skin symptoms like flakiness and itchiness.

Moisture Your Skin
Yes, this is obvious but you’d be surprised how many people only moisturize their face and not their body! Using a daily body lotion gives you soft, smooth, and supple skin! Its recommend that you moisturize your body twice a day, morning with a body lotion that has some SPF; and at night again with an aromatic body lotions that intoxicates your senses to have a good night rest!

Take an omega-3 supplement
Healthy fats like omega-3 fish oil fatty acids can benefit you in a number of ways. Omega-3s have been linked to improved cardiovascular health, better moods and healthy-looking skin. An omega-3 supplement is indispensable to maintaining a healthy skin and body!

Don’t over exfoliate
Face and body exfoliation should be limited to 2-3 times a week. More than that and you risk making your skin even drier and more irritated. To maximize exfoliation benefits, you may want to consider an exfoliating face brush and exfoliating body cloth.

What is your biggest possession? It’s NOT any material stuff, nor all your money, its…..your hardware! In other words, your body, your health; we all only have one body and its irreplaceable. Can’t go to the doc and replace with the latest model, you were given what you got. Its time to come in terms with it.

It’s time to accept it, to love it, to nourish it and empower it! Because your body is a wonderland, a powerful wonderland filled with endless possibilities. Therefore, to release that inner beauty, tap into the endless possibilities you got to nourish it inside and out!

To feel powerful and look radiant, you got to invest in your body. Regardless, of your diet or exercise routine you got to take a top quality nutritional supplements to cover your nutritional gaps. Also, our AM supplement prepares our body for the daily exposure to free radical, pollution, and stress. Releasing your power for smoother and happier day, and the PM supplement prepares you to renewal, restore, nourish your body while sleeping.

Your inner health is your outer beauty, and the maintenance of skin is a proper skincare routine. We are daily exposed to free radical, pollution, and stress, so its important to each morning prepare the skin. Then its important to prepare for night restoration/renewal. Again, skincare is an investment as you want a top quality brand that will perform.

Everything in life is an investment in one form or another, and the third investment to discover the power of you is……to monthly read a great book on positive mental attitude or new age to release your inner genius! So are you ready to tap into amazing products, unlimited opportunity, and endless possibilities?

10M Facial

We all have busy lives with work, family, and social but its important to create that space for “me” time. Its for the well being of ourselves and family. A “me” time can be two days a week for a 10 minute facial; indulge in a professional facial from the comfort of your own home.

Indulge the skin, intoxicate the senses, experience this luxurious skincare that begins with a creamy foam cleaner, followed by a renewing peel that rivals a visit to the dermatologist, and end with unparalleled moisturizer!

In just 10 minutes you will feel relaxed, calmed, and with smoother, radiant skin that re-energizes the skin and your psyche!

We live in a woman world! How so, you may ask? Simple, women posses a powerful power; the buying power! The power that moves, molds, and creates our global economy. Just take a look at what happens to lip stick sales when the economy is down. No matter at what position a woman is in, weather a full time stay at home mom, a professional, or a combo she runs and controls how the money that goes in to her gold mine (home) is spend. Women are savvy on stretching the dollar if need, and many women master the art of spending and saving.

A savvy woman knows that her home is a gold mine, and doesn’t fool around with her buying power. She converts her household expenses into household income. This power if used properly it can transform your lifestyle forever, are you ready to become an I-woman?

The beauty of the buying power is that you poses the power of freedom, helping others help themselves, one household at a time.

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Electric Youth

DNA repair enzymes, collagen boosting peptides, are just a few of the ingredients in the latest high-powered creams. They sound good on paper;they feel silky on the fingertips. But when it comes to making a difference, experts say penetration is what counts.

While products like sunscreen work their magic on the surface, in order to effect change, anti-aging molecules must travel to the deeper, harder to reach layers of the skin. Exfoliation plays a part, too; removing dirt, debris, or dry skin. So whatever cream or serum we are putting on will penetrate more evenly.

So if you are going to splurge on high power anti-aging creams make you sure you exfoliate for better penetration and best results! For a at home microdermabrasion I recommend Artistry microdermabrasion system 2 times a week. This system works on the surface of the skin removing dead skin, dirt, and debris. For a deeper exfoliation I also recommend using Artistry intensive skincare renewing peel 2 times a week, as it travels to the deeper hard to reach layers of the skin.

The R-Some

Regardless of the season skin is always in, therefore for radiant skin and glowing skin year around its important to scrub. Using a body scrub three times a week eliminates dirt, extra oils, and dull dead skin,  If you are a DIY beauty treatments gal, try one of the following body scrubs: If you are a coffee drinker, make the most of your coffee with this treatment.

  • Mix 2 cups of finely ground coffee with 1 cup of olive oil. I like to exfoliate with coffee grounds because they’re high in antioxidants and the caffeine tightness the skin!
  • If you are not a coffee drink you might like the following one. Mix 2 cups of raw sugar with 1 cup of coconut oil (I recommend using Trader Joe’s extra virgin coconut oil) to add some deliciousness add a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

Now, if you have not time or don’t care for DIY, I recommend using the following body scrub: to revive, renew, and re

  • Body Blends Foot Scrub, even thought its labeled foot scrub its delicious on the body. Its fresh and the soft rosemary mint aroma is intoxicating!
  • I just discovered Ahava and I like their anti-aging body exfoliator!
  • For a volcanic experience try H20 Plus Sea Moss Sand Body Scrub!